DAVOS 2018: World Economic Forum attendees BOO Trump

Pope Francis Delivered his weekly general message Jan 24, 2018 about the Scourge of Fake News. At the same time, President Trump at the 48th World Economic Forum (DAVOS, Swizerland) criticized, discredited, demeanized the Free Press or as he so fondly calls it the Fake Press for being “nasty mean, vicious to him as President”. His remark was met with boos from the conference attendees.

Commentary by the St Louis Dispatch sums it up:


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Source:  Washington Post, Jan 15, 2018



“A true democracy becomes possible through the right use of education, the steady discernment of truth, higher idealism, and a spirit of synthesis and cooperation.” Alice Bailey (Externalization of the Hierarchy 1930)



 Интернет исследования

Russian Internet: spreading dezinformatsiya to the 4 corners of the globe

Since 2013, the state has employed Internet users in order to spread propaganda and disinformation advocating activities of the Russian government and discrediting opposition and Western countries.

The major organization employing them, “Internet Issledovania” (RussianИнтернет исследования), initially had an office in OlginoSaint Petersburg, and subsequently moved to a bigger office to Savushkina Street, also in Saint Petersburg. The employees have to be present in the office for 12 hours per day every second day.

They are involved in various activities including creating of visibility of mass-support of the government in social media (both in Russian and in English), propagating texts between different media, and collectively attacking users with anti-government views, often using multiple identities. The salary is fixed and is only paid if an employees has written a fixed number of comments per day not shorter than a fixed number of letters.

The comments must contain key words, a fixed set for every day. Collectively, they are known as “Kremlin trolls” or “Trolls from Olgino“.The same organization also hosts a number of websites, including the Kharkov News Agency, which claim to be news agencies operating from Eastern Ukraine or from the Donbass area and providing local news, but in fact have no staff outside the Saint Petersburg office building.

Source: Wikipedia.com

Government Shutdown: October 1 – 17, 2013

President: Barack Obama

Senate: Democrats (54-46), Majority Leader Harry Reid

House: Republicans (232-200), Speaker John Boehner

Why: Ted Cruz, basically. While House Republicans, led by Boehner, had pressured the White House into agreeing to lower levels of discretionary spending, and conservatives in the House led by Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) demanded that any funding bill delay implementation of Obamacare by a year. It was set to roll out the following year, and conservatives, most vocally led by Cruz and Heritage Action, were desperate to stop it before it gained beneficiaries who could defend it politically. Enough House conservatives got on board with the plan to make it impossible to pass a continuing resolution, and the government shut down.

After 17 days, Boehner folded and passed a funding bill that did not defund Obamacare and that most of his caucus opposed. Roughly 850,000 workers, or about 40 percent of the federal workforce, were furloughed.

Source:  Vox.com


The Nunes Memo

“In the latest development surrounding the Trump-Russia scandal, conservative Republicans are trying to release a memo containing classified information about the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign in order to derail Robert Mueller’s probe, The Los Angeles Times reports.

The explosive revelation has sparked new controversy in a case that has already caused deep partisan rifts.

The contents of the secret four-page memo, which was written by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, have not been publicly revealed. But President Trump’s allies in Congress say they are explosive.”

Source: PoliticalDig.com

Government Shutdown 2018 – Day 1

“Trump reportedly complained behind closed doors about having to miss a party he was planning to hold at Mar-a-Lago for his first year in office because of the government shut down.”

Trump Just Complained About Missing His Inaugural Anniversary Party If Gov Shuts Down

Since President Trump took office, there is a well-established pattern of surreptitious contacts that supports the broad allegation of some sort of an undisclosed political or financial relationship between the Trump Organization and people in Russia.” Fusion GPS said.



Don’t give up the fight

Average gap between Democrats /Republicans on 10 subjects:
1994 = 15%
2017 = 36%

Climate change denier Scott Pruitt, Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), spent his first year doing everything he can to undermine environmental protections, while cynically trying to take credit for work that was done by the Obama administration.

In response to questions about a negative report from the EPA’s Office of the Inspector General that criticized the agency for failing to perform a workload analysis, Pruitt assured the committee that he was hard at work solving the problem.

“We are actually partnering with Toyota to begin a lean process at the agency to evaluate management practices,” Pruitt told Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL).

Turns out that the partnership never existed.

In a letter responding to EWG, Toyota executive Christopher Reynolds explained that while the company had “had preliminary discussions” with the EPA on such a project, “at this point there are no definitive plans to move forward with a project.”

Just like the false claims of 50,000 newly employed coal miners, the wholly fabricated Bowling Green Massacre, Trump’s blatant lies about U.S. Muslims celebrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and his absurd insistence that President Barack Obama wiretapped him, this story about a partnership between Toyota and the EPA is complete nonsense.

Source: ShareBLUE.com


Trump goes to DAVOS 2018

The theme of the 48th World Economic Forum [aka DAVOS] is “Creating a shared future in a fractured world.” Trump’s attendance marks the first visit by a sitting U.S. president since Bill Clinton’s in 2000. The announcement was met with some surprise, as the WEF in Davos is often seen as the meeting of the globalist elite promoting trade agreements Trump has opposed with his “America First” policy, the BBC noted.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders signaled Trump will use his attendance at Davos “to advance his America First agenda with world leaders.”

“At this year’s World Economic Forum, the president looks forward to promoting his policies to strengthen American businesses, American industries and American workers.”

Mark Malloch Brown, former United Nations deputy secretary-general, told CNBC ahead of Davos 2018 that the world was a more dangerous place now because of Trump, especially with regards to his interventions in North Korea and the Middle East. Source: CNBC.com

“Trump the disruptor was welcome because there had been no solution in the Middle East or North Korea for years. But Trump the guy that just has no policy depth, the recklessness, the temper on him and unpredictability … So net-net, he’s making the world a more dangerous place,” Malloch Brown said.

Brown told CNBC that Trump’s policies had not yet helped his core group of supporters and that they could depolarize  the U.S.

“Some tokenist things like re-opening a coal mine or the promise to cut immigration — these are acts of theater intended to appeal to that constituency, but they’re not enduring economic solutions to that group’s problems,” he said.

“It’s unlikely that the current division in the U.S. will end and it will, like the Davos title, likely remain fractured. But, if anything, those fractures will deepen precisely because the Trump presidency won’t likely deliver solutions.”

Source: CNBC.com